Real History of Shinchan Cartoon - Shinchan True Story

History of Shinchan Cartoon - Real Story Behind Shinchan Character

In today's time, everyone, from elders to young children, loves cartoon characters like Doraemon, Chhota Bheem, Ninja hammer cartoon characters, and among them all there is another cartoon character named Shinchan. This is a very good and very unique cartoon character. In which there is a small child named Shinchen and he troubles everyone with his foolish antics.
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By the way, we must have seen and seen many cartoon characters and animation series in our life. But some cartoon characters are like this. Which we like very much, among them Chhota Bheem, Doraemon, Shinchan, Ninja Hatori, etc. But out of all these, we like only one or two cartoon characters. And if we talk about the most popular cartoon character in today's time, then the name of Doraemon and Shinchan comes first. So today in this post we will only tell you about the character of Shinchan, in this series, there is a very funny child named Shinchan. People are a fan of Shinchan And it almost rules the hearts of the fans with its antics in many countries of the world.

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Today Shinchan, who became popular in the animation series, first started as a Japanese comics series written and produced by Yoshito Usui and is believed to be. That Yoshito Usui made this comics series based on a true incident. In which a boy named Crayon Shin-Chan is in real life. He is very naughty and very funny. And once he goes to the market with his mother and his sister. And then she tries to save her sister from an accident and dies with her sister. And then after this incident, his mother feels very shocked. And to emerge from which she writes a scrapbook. In which she writes stories about her children.

If they occur. So what do they do? What would their life be like and how did they commit mischief. And while doing fun and influenced by this, Yoshito Usui created a comics series called Crayon Shin Chan which was published by Futabasha Publishers in 1990 and the original copy of this comic series came from August-1990 to 5 February-2010. And at the beginning of this comics series, the character of this series, Shinchen was very much liked and became very popular and then in 1992, an animation series was also started on it.

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This animation series revolves around a 5-year-old funny and funny child Shinchan Nohara and is accompanied by his mother Mishe Nohara, his sister Hiawawari and his father Hiroshi Nohara. And apart from this his friends and his relatives are also involved. Whom he keeps harassing them all the time. And if you also watch this animation series. Or you must have seen that you will also know that he likes his madam too.

After publishing this comics series in August 1990, its popularity increased so much that only after 2 years its animation series was started and this series was first directed by Mitsuru Hongo. And then Kellchi Hara from 1996 to 2004 and again from 2004 till now this series is being directed by Yuji Muto. But it was only in 2009 that Shinchan writer Yoshito Usui died in an accident. At that time, people felt that perhaps now this animation series will not be able to move forward. But in 2010, the people of the Yoshito Usui team created a new comics series called New Crayon Shin Chan, which was not so funny as the old one.

But due to the Shinchan character and the popularity gained earlier it also went well and so far 57 volumes of Shinchen comics series have been made. And more than 100 million copies of it have been sold all over the world.

If we talk about its popularity, then its popularity has been many times more than the comics series. Shinchan is the 24th Highest Grossing Animation Franchise in today's times. And in addition to the TV series, 26 films have also been made and it has been made in 30 languages. Which is shown on different channels in more than 45 countries worldwide.

FAQs about Shinchan:

Shinchan is a very popular cartoon series all over the world. So people are really curious to know more about him. So here are some questions which people ask the most.

Who created Shinchan?
Yoshito Usui was the creator of Shinchan.

What is Shin Chan mother name?
Mitzi Nohara is the mother of Shinchan.

What is Shinchan comic book name?
Crayon Shin Chan

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