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[7 Reasons] Why Sacred Games Season 2 is Flop? Review

5 Reasons Why Sacred Games Season 2 is Flop | Why are people not liking Sacred Games Season 2?

As we all know, Sacred Games Season 2 has been released on Netflix. Before the release, people were eagerly waiting for Season 2, But suddenly after the release, the negative reviews of Sacred Games 2 have started coming.

Why are people not liking Sacred Games Season 2 Flop
Why people not liking Sacred Games Season 2?

Nowadays everyone is talking about the Sacred Games Season 2. The show's dialogues and memes on Instagram and Facebook are very much on-trend. The dialogues of the series have become quite popular among the public.

On one hand, people are enjoying this web series so much, while some people are finding this web series quite boring.

7 Sacred Games 2 Meme Templates

Let me tell you that Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan, and Pankaj Tripathi are the lead actors in Sacred Games Season 2. The series also stars actors like Amrita Subhash, Jatin Sarna, Kalki Koechlin, Ranveer Shore, and Surveen Chawla. There is nothing like doubting the acting of all actors.

Let's talk about the things that made the series less popular to the public

Why Sacred Games Season 2 is Flop

The story is Predictable:

It was difficult to guess the story in Sacred Games Season 1, and the story was also full of adventure. But the story of season 2 is quite predictable and smooth. Perhaps this is the reason why people have not liked Season 2.

Sacred Games Season 2 Trending Memes

In season 2, the story of Ganesh Gaitonde and Sartaj Singh moves forward.

Political Issues:

People say that there is no political talk and hot scenes in Sacred Games 2. You all will know that in the Sacred Games Season 1, Babri Masjid, Shah Bano Case, Jativaad were included. Due to this, there was a lot of problems at the time of the release of the series. Perhaps this could also be a reason that the makers did not want to show political issues more this time.

Hot Scenes:

There were also many hot scenes in season 1, due to which people got engaged with the series a lot. The lack of which is visible in Sacred Games Season 2.

Sacred Games Season 2 Leak Download Moviesbaba

New Characters:

Season 1 featured characters like Ganesh Gaitonde, Sartaj Singh, Bunti, Parulkar, and Anjali Mathur. All these characters had made their place in the show. All the characters who came in the new season were good, but the makers needed to give a little more strength.

In Season 2, People are liking the character of Amruta Subhash as a raw agent.

Lack of Action and Adventure

Sacred Games Season 1 was full of action and advances. For the first time, such a film or show was made in India. In such a situation, people wanted that in season 2, more action and advances were seen. but that did not happen.

Sacres Games Season 2 Best Dialogues 

Not Engaging 

Every episode of season 1 ended on such a mystery, which kept people curious. The story of Sacred Gas Season 2 was quite predictable. Due to which people have not been able to engage much.

Filmy Scenes:

Some scenes from season 2 seem to be copies of Bollywood movies. The beginning of the web series, "In which Ganesh Gaitonde rises above the boat and sees himself in the sea" is reminiscent of Salman Khan's movie Wanted.

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