The Secret of Japanese Long Life?

Why do Japanese people have a long lifespan? - The Secret of Japanese Long Life

Technology is very important in our life. Another where technology is very convenient for us. On the other hand, this technology is also harming us a lot because the activity of our body is very less due to modern technology today. Therefore many types of diseases occur in our body. And that leads to our death. And if our body continues to act. So it causes very few diseases in our body.

That is, technology is also beneficial for us. And also harmful but you all will know. Japan is almost at the forefront of technology. But still the people here have very few diseases and the people here live for a long time, there are more than 50000 people in Japan whose age is 100 years or more.

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So in today's post, we will tell you how the people of Japan keep themselves fit. And what kind of things they use in eating and drinking to keep themselves fit. And there are some more important things related to it, so you must see this post till the end.

As you all know people who work in one place or people whose work is not so strong. It is common for those people to get problems like obesity diabetes cancer heart attack depression. Because the activity of our body is very important. But due to today's modern technology, about 70% of our activity has been taken by robot remote or machines, etc.

Japan is at the forefront of technology worldwide. But at the same time, this country is also at the forefront of the healthiest people, that is, the most healthy and intelligent people live inside Japan. And obesity among the people of Japan is negligible and at the same time, the age of people here is very long.

Reason of Why Japanese People Have a Long Lifespan

Tea in Japan

Tea is one of the most favorite drinks in Japan. Tea is consumed in Japan from morning to evening and different types of tea are consumed on every festival. More than 100 types of tea are produced in Japan. And here green tea is consumed the most. Tea in Japan is many times better and healthier than our tea here. Because these people do not use things like sugar and milk in tea. Tea is also used herein in many different diseases.

The way to drink and make every tea is different and here more than 28 different types of green tea are drunk here. In which Sencha Gyokuro Matcha Hoji-Cha is the most famous. The different types of tea consumed here contribute significantly to keeping things like bones, hair, skin safe for long life. Along with this, this tea contains antioxidants. Due to which this tea keeps their body constantly active, which keeps them working even in tiring situations.


In Japan, people like to walk on foot to do most of their work and it is a very special and important part of their lifestyle, however, due to technological development, today, Japan does not lack anything. And yet the people here use public place transport more than traveling by their personal vehicles because they believe that by removing their laziness in this way, they keep themselves healthy and fit and they can be taken by bus or rail.

Japanese Food

Their food has the most effect on their people, they have calories in their food and sugar is very low and that is why they do not gain weight, along with these people avoid diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, and obesity, so let's know What do the people of Japan include in their diet so that they keep themselves healthy.

Seaweed And Seafood - People of Japan, whether they are veg or non-veg, are mostly fond of eating the things found in the sea. Whether it goes to sea creatures, sea vegetables Japanese people love to eat seafood. And Sea vegetables are 10 times more powerful than vegetables grown on the ground. Also, fish meat contains many times more nutrients than chicken.

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Japan alone consumes about 10% of the world's supplied fish every year. Along with this, every year the people of Japan consume one lakh tons of Seaweed. Only one cup of Seaweed contains 5 to 10 types of protein. And along with this, they also contain a lot of iodine and potassium and are rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, omega 3 and in addition nutrients like iron, magnesium, calcium, and zinc.

Along with this, it is said that people who eat seafood things are always young and their skin is smooth and at the same time the hair remains black and thick for long life.

Japanese people consume milk rarely because they do not like milk much due to the consumption of sea things, and most of the things eaten are very rarely made from flour. Japanese people eat more vegetables. For this reason, people here have very less stomach related diseases.

Rice is eaten more in Japan than Roti and bread, and Japanese rice is many times better than our rice here. Apart from white rice, brown and green rice is also consumed here and all these rice are free.

The Technique of Eating and Cook

Fried things are eaten very little in Japan. In most of the houses here the food is cooked by boiling or roasting. When cooked by steam, nutrients remain in the food, Along with it the taste of food remains. Here food is cooked on a low flame. Most of the dishes here are soup ones.

The utensils that are eaten here are very small. Because small utensils come to eat completely and that is why these people use small utensils because a person who eats less food stays active for a longer period of time and hunger also calms down so that such a person never gets heart diseases.


People of Japan pay a lot of attention to cleanliness. That is why Japan is one of the cleanest countries in the world. They believe that diseases are less spread by cleanliness. And the mind balance remains. Due to which small diseases can be easily avoided without any reason.

Today we told you in this post how the people of Japan take care of their health. How they stay healthy for a long time and what kind of food they consume.

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