10 Best TVF Web Series - Watch for FREE on TVFPLAY

10 Best TVF Web Series That You Can Watch for FREE on YouTube and TVFPLAY App

Best TVF Web Series - TVF is the best entertaining YouTube channel in today's time. It is a first-ever digital entertainment production house. They make funny YouTube videos and Web-Series.

TVF's web series is very popular and people like it very much. All their web series are available on their application (TVFPLAY App)

10 Best TVF Web Series - TVFPLAY

Before 2018, TVF known for Permanent Roommates and TVF Pitchers. But after 2018, TVF creates so many amazing Web-Series, that people are now eagerly waiting for their next projects.

The best part about TVF Series is their all Web Series are available for free on YouTube and TVFPLAY App. So all kind of people can watch their Web-shows.

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Here, I will tell you about some of TVF's famous and popular Web-Series. All these web series got very good rating too.

10 Best TVF Web-Series

Here is the list of 10 Best TVF Web Series:
  1. Yeh Meri Family (IMDb Rating 9.3)
  2. Kota Factory (IMDb Rating 9.3)
  3. Pitchers (IMDb Rating 9.2)
  4. ImMature (IMDb Rating 9.1)
  5. Humorously Yours (IMDb Rating 8.7)
  6. Permanent Roommates (IMDb Rating 8.6)
  7. Tripling (IMDb Rating 8.6)
  8. Bachelors (IMDb Rating 8.4)
  9. Inmates (IMDb Rating 6.6)
  10. Bisht, Please (IMDb Rating 5.4)

1. Yeh Meri Family:

Yeh Meri Family is the story of 90's summer vacation. This is one of the best Indian Web-Series, which you can watch with your family.

This is the story of a 14-year-old child, in which a lot of problems related to his family, friends, crush, studies have been shown.

Childhood love is depicted beautifully in TVF's Yeh Meri Family.

  • IMDb: 9.4
  • Available On: TVFPLAY App
  • Starring: Vishesh Bansal, Mona Singh, Akarsh Khurana, Ahan Nirban, Ruhi Khan, Prasad Reddy, Revathi Pillai.
  • No. of Episodes: 7

2. Kota Factory:

Kota Factory Web-Series has just been released and many people have seen this Series. Everyone has liked this web series very much.

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In the Kota Factory, the life of Kota students and their problems are shown very easily. Especially the students have liked this web series very much. Kota Factory is the first black and white Series of India.

If you love watching web-series, then you should watch this web-series. You can watch this web series for free on YouTube. Kota Factory is available on TVFPLAY App and YouTube.

  • IMDb: 8.1
  • Available On: YouTube, TVFPLAY App
  • Starring: Jitendra Kumar, Ahsaas Channa, Urvi Singh, Mayur More, Ranjan Raj, Alam Khan, Revathi Pillai
  • No. of Episodes: 5

3. TVF Pitchers:

This web series was released in June 2015, but it is equally popular today. Pitchers were India's first web series which became popular to this extent.

Pitchers is the story of 3 engineer friends. Who are doing 9 to 5 jobs in a company and they hustling for their startup.

  • IMDb: 9.2
  • Available On: TVFPLAY App
  • Starring: Naveen Kasturia, Jitendra Kumar, Arunabh Kumar, Abhay Mahajan
  • No. of Episodes: 5

4. ImMature:

ImMature is the story of a high schoolboy. Who wants to impress his school crush.

Story of ImMature is very relatable for teenagers and students. Also, ImMature has been nominated for CannesSeries 2018.

  • IMDb: 9.1
  • Available On: MX Player
  • Starring: Rashmi Agdekar, Omkar Kulkarni, Chinmay Chandraunshuh
  • No. of Episodes: 5

5. Humorously Yours:

Humorously Yours has 2 seasons. This drama series starring stand up comedian Vipul Goyal and Rasika Dugal.

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This web series is also very good and worth watching.

  • IMDb: 8.7
  • Available On: TVFPLAY App
  • Starring: Vipul Goyal, Rasika Dugal

  • No. of Episodes: 10

6. Permanent Roommates:

Permanent Roommates is the story of a couple who lives in a long-distance relationship for 3 years. After they decide to marry each other.

This web series is very funny and worth watching. This web series of TVF is also very popular. You can watch Permanent Roommates season 1 and season 2 for free on TVFPLAY App and on YouTube.

  • IMDb: 8.6
  • Available On: TVFPLAY App
  • Starring: Sumeet Vyas, Nidhi Singh, Deepak Kumar Mishra
  • No. of Episodes: 13

7. Tripling:

Tripling is the story of three siblings, who go for a road trip and trying to solve their problems.

Tripling is another great series by TVF. Tripling has two seasons. Sumit Vyas, Anmol Parashar, and Manvi Gagroo have done a great job in tripling.

  • IMDb: 8.6
  • Available On: TVFPlay App
  • Starring: Sumeet Vyas, Maanvi Gagroo, Amol Parashar
  • No. of Episodes: 10

8. Bachelors:

Bachelors is the story of four best friends and their daily life problems. Concept of this web series is very new in India.

In bachelors season 1, BB ki vines fame Bhuvan Bam is in lead. Then in season 2, Jitendra Kumar is in lead. Both the series are completely outstanding.

  • IMDb: 8.4
  • Available On: TVFPLAY App
  • Starring:  Jasmeet Singh Bhatia, Jitendra Kumar, Badri Chavan, Shivankit Singh, Bhuvan Bam
  • No. of Episodes: 10

9. Inmates:

Inmates is a completely different type of Web Series. In Inmates, three completely weird friends are living in the house. All the characters in this series are so funny, that you can't stop laughing.

  • IMDb: 6.6
  • Available On: TVFPLAY App
  • Starring: Mukti Mohan, Ankaksha Thakur, Raghav Raj Kakker, Kashyap Kapoor, Ashish Verma, Raghu Ram
  • No. of Episodes: No Information

10. Bisht, Please:

Story of Bisht Please! is a small-town girl who is doing 9 to 5 jobs in Mumbai and her adventures and problems. Nidhi Bisht is in lead role and she did a great job in the series.

  • IMDb: 6.5
  • Available On: TVFPLAY App
  • Starring: Nidhi Bisht, Amol Parashar
  • No. of Episodes: 7

So, these are the best TVF Web series that you can watch for free on youtube and TVFPLAY App.


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